Complete Server Management

Complete Server Management

About Complete Server Management

We have pioneered a complete server management, one of the best in the support industry. This plan offers more than what you would expect from the word ‘management’ from server monitoring to resolving unlimited server issues. We are confident that our plans would be one of the most feasible and appropriate being offered in the industry. 

our techs will always look after your servers 24/7,  they will do 

  1. Regular server updates
  2. 24/7 Email and Chat support
  3. 24/7 Server monitoring and rescue
  4. Unlimited support tickets
  5. Performance tuning
  6. SSL setup & renewals
  7. Server and website migrations
  8. Security, Backup  moniroring & hardening
  9. Infrastructure design & setup
  10. Hardware fault resolution
  11. weekly and monthly server audits 
  12. Regular server scan and malware fixes
  13. Regular reputation checks and delisting of server IPs
  14. Custom scripts for identifying spamming and spoofing 
  15. General CMS plugins and theme updates.
  16. Security check ups  and minor website fixes 

and many more....

or email us [email protected]

Regular server updates

We will apply server updates as soon as they are available. When there are unpatched vulnerability disclosures, we’ll apply a hotfix to prevent exploits.

Available 24/7 proactive

We'll not let your server /site down, Our lights are always on for looks after your server and sites. We bet no other support will respond faster than us, we always respond over email and skype instantly.

Security audits & hardening

We’ll audit your server every weeks and get you the status of weekly and monthly reports, Based on the audit we'll re-harden the server if they are needed.

24/7 proactive monitoring

Nagios will be used to monitor all services like change in critical configuration files, server logs for identifying different types of attacks and to resolve the issues at the earliest with minimal effect

Unlimited tickets on server issues

In this plan you can submit unlimited tickets (L1,L2 or L3) to [email protected]

Instant Response and resolution

TechAmigo guarantee response time of 15 minutes and 3 hr resolution time on all tickets / issues.

Backup Configuration

TechAmigo will help you to configure server backups as per your requirements. Backups will be monitored continually to ensure that they are up to date and accurate.

Hardware fault resolution

If your server hardware fails (eg: HDD, RAID, Memory etc.) we'll work with your DC to get a better disk replacement or restore the lost data from the backups.

Extensive knowledge

We design and build our own services, we know everything about your hosting environment from the ground up. That means better reliability, improved security and an improved customer experience.

Pre-sales support

If the customers need help to understand our service features before sign-up we'll guide them towards appropriate package and server resources which they actually need.

Adjustable shift timing as per the requirements

Our server experts will be available based on your required shift timing.

Server Migration

We have a great pool of expert migration team who can migrate your servers or infrastructure in real time with zero data lose and minimal downtime.