Centos Web Panel

CWP Server Management

About Centos Web Panel

CWP is a free, Open Source control panel that can be widely used for deploying a Web hosting environment easily. Unlike other Control panels, CWP is automatically deploy the LAMP stack with Varnish Cache server.

CWP Server Management

Services include CWP Installation, Setup ,Optimization, Security, Server Migration, Monitoring, Performance boost, etc.,

General CWP Server Management features

    • Advanced Mod Security Setup (with newer rules)
    • Removal of hacked scripts.
    • Malware removal and server cleanup from malware
    • Setup Daily Malware scan and report on all accounts or specific file location
    • High Load investigation and resolving issues
    • Software Upgrades
    • Backups Configuration
    • SSL Certificate installation
    • Server and website migrations
    • Installation of additional PHP and apache modules
    • FFMPEG Installation

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