About InterWorx

InterWorx comes with two packages combined, NodeWorx which is to manage the server and SiteWorx which is to manage the website. In hosting business, you know how overwhelming is the task to manage all aspects of your clients, servers, and billing. InterWorx sets apart from all these and our team can help you in managing the InterWorx servers thereby fulfilling the hosting needs of your customers.

Initial Server Configuration and Installation

We take care about initial server setup, ready it for InterWorx, then the installation of control panel itself with all initial parameters configured to its optimal settings. In the case of InterWorx already installed, we make sure that the underlying OS and the current cPanel are up-to-date and no compatibility issues exist.

Hosting account deployment and Restoration

We help the hosting providers, their customer to manage and deploy hosting accounts according to their requirements, user account and quota management, Database and email services, User backups and third-party scripts installation services. We do help to restore an account from any other third-party hosting account no matter what panel or custom application they use.

Migration Assistance

We help in assessing the migration requirements, providing a reliable migration roadmap with little or no downtime at all. Migration from another hosting provider irrespective of any technology used, utilizing the most advanced migration tools while keeping the integrity of the migrated accounts.

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