Dedicated Support Admin

Dedicated Support Admin

About Dedicated Support Admin

Based on your IT support needs, our highly qualified technical admins will be fully dedicated and provide you with 24/7 support. Our highly qualified admins deal with all the issues like server management, complex technical issues, and installations of customized third party scripts as per your requirement. All our dedicated support staff are well trained with a minimum of 4 to 5 years of experience.

L1 – Level One / First Line Support

This is your first line of support. Normally they interact with chat, phone, and email. Level 1 techs will be answering your pre-sale support emails and support chats. Technical knowledge of L1 techs is limited when compared with L2 and L3 level techs. They normally deal with issues that can be resolved from control panels itself. ( cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin..etc ). If it requires more access or technical skills to resolve the issues, they will normally escalate those cases to L2 or L3 level techs depending on the type of issue.

L2 – Level Two / Second Line Support

Level Two techs have more technical skills and experience than L1 techs. They can deal with most of your technical issues that need server back end access. ( RDP, SSH ..etc ). These techs can also manage your technical chats and can fix most of the chat issues without the need of opening tickets. If there are issues they can’t resolve or there are issues that need more access ( eg, node level access ) then they normally escalate the cases to L3 level techs.

L3 – Level Three / Third Line Support

L3 techs are masters in system administration with years of technical experience. They can fix almost every issues that need high technical skills. Also can manage your infrastructure, node, cloud and DC level operations. All high-end system administration tasks are safe with Level Three Admins. It is recommended to have minimum one L3 level tech in each shift.

or email us [email protected]

Regular server updates

We will apply server updates as soon as they are available. When there are unpatched vulnerability disclosures, we’ll apply a hotfix to prevent exploits.

Fully White-label Support

Supporting your hosting customers is one of the most important things you can do as a hosting company. However, this is also one of the most time-consuming tasks when you run a hosting company. With the help of TechAmigo, you will no longer have to worry about the time consumption of hosting support. also we maintain 100% transparency.

Security audits & hardening

We’ll audit your server every weeks and get you the status of weekly and monthly reports, Based on the audit we'll re-harden the server if they are needed.

24/7 proactive monitoring

Nagios will be used to monitor all services like change in critical configuration files, server logs for identifying different types of attacks and to resolve the issues at the earliest with minimal effect

Unlimited tickets on server issues

In this plan you can submit unlimited tickets (L1,L2 or L3) to [email protected]

Instant Response and resolution

TechAmigo guarantee response time of 15 minutes and 3 hr resolution time on all tickets / issues.

Available 24/7 proactive

We'll not let your server /site down, Our lights are always on for looks after your server and sites. We bet no other support will respond faster than us, we always respond over email and skype instantly.

Hardware fault resolution

If your server hardware fails (eg: HDD, RAID, Memory etc.) we'll work with your DC to get a better disk replacement or restore the lost data from the backups.

Experienced Linux and Windows techs

All our techs are linux   and windows certified. All techs have great experience in desired field.  you will not get disappointed with our tech for sure.

Pre-sales support

If the customers need help to understand our service features before sign-up we'll guide them towards appropriate package and server resources which they actually need.

Adjustable shift timing as per the requirements

Our server experts will be available based on your required shift timing.

Server Migration

We have a great pool of expert migration team who can migrate your servers or infrastructure in real time with zero data lose and minimal downtime.